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Influencer marketing in Hong Kong, or we called KOL (Key Opinion Leader) marketing, has become the new trend of communication and content creation 2-in-1 promotion format. The great part of KOL marketing in Hong Kong is you can leverage the right KOLs in Hong Kong to easily target the audience’s interest in a soft, people-to-people way. Therefore, most of the time the attention figures (eg: awareness, interactions) perform much better than media AD under the same resources.



If you are targeting the Z Generation (Age 18-25) or the Millennials (Age 25-38), you would notice some of their habits on the internet, such as longer screen time, quick information access, highly active on social media, filtering junk ads, etc. They prefer following the opinions of influencers in Hong Kong (a.k.a KOLs - Key Opinion Leaders), essentially a form of KOL in Hong Kong, who act authentically and share the same belief and interest.

Performing the right influencer marketing Hong Kong strategies could completely change how people define your brand, product, or promotion. The right KOL marketing in Hong Kong can create excellent and authentic stories to tell their fans which creates a high level of engagement and leads to your brand.

As an influencer marketing agency in Hong Kong, we can connect your brand with the right influencers in Hong Kong, from mega-influencer to micro-influencers, and expose your promotion campaign directly to your target audience!

You Can Reach A Mass Audience So Quick

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Social Media Sharing


You will get our KOL marketing Hong Kong team to create the entire campaign directions while leaving the communication style to the influencers in Hong Kong who are mainly active on Instagram or Facebook. This provides you with a flexible and quick rollout with KOL Hong Kong on your campaign.

Event Recruitment


In your event, we leverage influencers’ Hong Kong impact to recruit massive people to join. Also, your event message can be widely shared through their social media platforms which can call for their next actions!

Creative Videos


We manage your brand ideas and convert them into a creative video performed by influencer marketing in Hong Kong. Your repackaged video will be broadcasted at people's desire and be documented on YouTube and other social media channels that last for long.

Digital Channels Delivery


We combine your influencer marketing Hong Kong promotions with digital solutions. It markets or remarkets more people such as social Ads and media placement to maximize your value.

Online-to-Offline Campaigns


We provide you a combination of KOL Marketing Hong Kong services with related tools and channels which make the activation or campaign launch fruitful. This strategy by our influencer marketing agency in Hong Kong will attract massive engagement and attention that lead to success for you.

Flexible Solutions


If there is a different KOL marketing Hong Kong solution for you, we will provide a quick and flexible scale that can cope with the changes. You can start in a fast and easy way to deliver your promotion successfully.

Luna’s Successful Cases

Examples with Luna team as official influencer marketing Hong Kong agency:

adidas Influencers

adidas supports massively sports-loving people including creators, artists, trainers, and athletes - all of them with the social role of KOL in Hong Kong. As the influencer marketing Hong Kong agency, Luna helped the Adidas team to develop and manage the large base of influencers on their sports training, sports gear supports, activation invitations, and contents creation of the brand.

Consumables Brand Influencers

Luna helped over 50+ global brands to collaborate with KOL in Hong Kong, like Monster Energy, Foot Locker, Yakult, San Miguel, Blue Bottle Coffee, McVitie’s, Warner Music, Universal Music, etc. Periodically, our influencer marketing agency in Hong Kong launches promotions featuring ride-on products, festivals, and special promotions with the right KOLs to connect and communicate with their followers.

Dynamic and Interactive Contents by influencers in Hong Kong

Luna served different brands, organizations, and music labels (eg: Universal Music, Warner Music) to create influencing content, customized from music, dance, creative videos, IG Filter games, and so on. From the cultural background, we understand the taste and trends of influencer Hong Kong young audience needs (Say not preferring Tik Tok style). Therefore, our KOL marketing Hong Kong team can advise and custom make your promotions with the right content.

Get ready for your KOL/influencer marketing campaign

About our influencer marketing agency Hong Kong solutions - FAQs:

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