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Brand Activation is a brand or marketing campaign, event, or experience that creates interactions with customers that activate your idea in their minds. It involves communications and content creation to make a successful brand activations campaign. Every brand needs an on-trend and professional team – a branding agency in Hong Kong to manage.



Grow Community to Advocate Your Brand

Direct sales marketing is no longer useful if people are unfamiliar with your brand. But if you wisely invest in brand activations strategies, you will be rewarded with rapid leads through your well-built community.

When it comes to the word “community”, brand activation focuses on people’s “communication” with your brand. Communication guides people exploring from the experience you offer to the core of your brand value. The longer time they are willing to spend on you, the closer tie you can foster with them.

To construct your community, our brand agency Hong Kong team will map out the entire activation strategies we developed for years. It provides you with a modern approach to branding and leading your brand to success.

Successful branding activation will get people to appreciate, share and love each other in your community.

Get ready for your brand activation


Building Your Structure


Being a branding agency in Hong Kong, we perform a full study on your brand value, brand concept, target audience, and the current trend within the market. We will then build an entire activation strategy that projects your brand, ecosystem, funnels, roadmap, and position your brand to connect with suitable people.

People Relations


Our brand strategy agency in Hong Kong can save your time in recruiting the people you need. We provide a one-stop service in handling those complex documents and relations. Having our professional branding agency HK team retain your fans and partners with close communication, we ensure that your events will be always supported by your target audience and potential customers. These relations can be sustained for future events.

Campaign Creation


You will get unlimited opportunities in our customized campaigns. Our brand agency Hong Kong network and creativity can offer you different channels, partners, events that drive your brand across different communities.

All-rounded Support


Our branding agency’s HK activation service allows you to be free from handling all the stages of inactivation, ranging from customer service and system support to coordinating, writing, planning, reporting with our trustworthy team.

Flexible Solution


Our services will perfectly match your needs. Our branding agency Hong Kong services have large scope coverage with big brands, small businesses, and peer-to-peer groups that form different agencies as a team. You are promised to work much less than using your resources.

Driving Conversions


With your trust, our branding agency HK team will help you to develop together with conversion planning, testing, and execution. We will help you to fit into the suitable stage of direct sales marketing that converts higher marketing goals.

Luna’s Successful Cases

Examples with Luna team as the official brand agency in Hong Kong:

adidas Training and Running Community

From the year 2017, adidas has upheld its global positioning of the theme “HERE TO CREATE”. It aims to honour every single person as a “creator” to lead a better life and influence the people around. Being the official branding agency in HK, the Luna team manage and develop the flagship activations “adidas Training Academy” and “adidas Runners” with marketing strategies and coordinated closely with the adidas team. And our branding agency Hong Kong team expanded the network by growing the relationship with youth, the public, celebrities, and sports professionals to achieve brand success.

Blue Bottle Coffee x New Town Plaza Pet Park

Blue Bottle Coffee brings the fresh taste of coffee to people. The quality coffee they have made, not just from the direct taste of global farmers and talented barristers, but also the coffee experience to different types of coffee-loving people. Luna team, being their branding agency in HK, helped build the Pop-up collaborations with New Town Plaza on the pet park rebuilt. Activations like coffee-themed workshops, pet friends’ entertainment, Jazz music nights, camping, and bike experiences were created to “pair” with coffee and engage with people.

Swatch x Peanuts Christmas

Swatch, the renowned pioneer of the personalized stylish watch, continues to collaborate with edgy designers and characters. Coming to Christmas collaboration with the Peanuts family, we are honoured to be their branding agency in Hong Kong to create Hong Kong activations for Swatch and Peanuts lovers. The Christmas-themed workshops, ornaments, and experiences were created by our brand agency Hong Kong team to last a full month’s joy to the locals.

Get ready for your brand activation campaign

About our brand strategy agency in Hong Kong - FAQs:

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