Luna was born in 2017. We started in a world where communication has revolutionary change. 

Prior to the establishment, we worked days and nights, serving our clients from in-house branding team to different agencies. We love great people, brands and their lovely ideas that solve people’s problems.


But with rapid changes in marketing channels, massive amount of junk ads flood in our life. We started to get lost in working on “new marketing ads” to chase unrealistic figures that neither help branding nor conversion goals.

Under this connecting world, technology lets information be delivered at lower costs. Brands can promote their values to people much easier. But on the other hand, people are also able to choose what they want to see, and stop seeing unwanted ads that interrupt their life.


We believe there’s nothing changed in people's habit of making purchasing decisions at their wish. The only thing that has been changing is Brand-to-People Relationship. That's where we start studying how to redefine the position of marketing nowadays which aims at making connections between brands and people.


Luna, Latin for Moon, boosts up your brand by offering our marketing power. We integrate our marketing skills with event solutions, public relations, creative campaigns and execution of strategies. All our skills could become your power in brand activation bridging your brand with people sharing the same value.

Our clients trust us, and thanks for that, we can continue to work collaboratively with the greatest brands and energetic people. We hope to work with you soon and make your brand a great success!

We believe that focusing on relationships is the best strategy to your brand's success. We keep evolving marketing tools to activate brands, and make people enjoy a more blissful connecting world.


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Having an energetic and youthful project team, Luna performed as an indispensable part of our brand activation team for different events and pilot programmes over the years. Their creative insight, skillful management and fast actions on our activations have made them a great team to work with.   

Amy Fok

Senior Manager, Brand Communication

adidas Hong Kong Limited (Sport Performance)

Beach Vacation

Luna was the chosen agency to work with us on our 1st Apac Sales Meeting and we have developed our great partnership since then. With excellence on planning and careful attention to details the event execution was a success and I would definitely recommend Luna to others. 

Bruna Vidigal

APAC Product Manager

havaianas, Alpargatas

Luna worked as the event consultant for our annual global event - World Cup Super Final in Hong Kong, which was not only a huge success, but also a key milestone in the development of the sport locally and internationally.  Demonstrating excellent planning and management skills, Luna will definitely be recommended. 

Maris Slezins


World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation

Luna actively collaborated with our brand activation team for different events and pilot programmes for years. They are an exceptionally reliable business partner who consistently surpasses expectations both in quality and speed of service.

Jamie Liu

Public Relations Manager, Brand Marketing

adidas Hong Kong Limited (Sport Performance)

Girl Running in Urban Scenery

As our marketing and event management agency, Luna has shown strong communicative and collaborative skills in representing our brand to work with external parties. Their effective event management has cultivated to the success of our event. 

Virginia Cheng

Marketing Manager



We are delighted to have Luna as our organisation’s long term partner.  From event consultation, strategic planning, brand partners liaision, to production and onsite management, they always deliver beyond expectation!  Their professionalism, passion and creativity had added tremendous values to our events, and we have no reservation in recommending Luna to others! 

Czon & Kevin 


Street Workout Hong Kong

Luna worked as our marketing and brand activation agency. They were contributive to integrating our brands with the local market, especially the younger generation market. Their achievements in promoting our brands to the local community had great empowerment to our sales leads. 

Gigi Yip

General Manager

Monster Inc.


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