A successful packaging or gift idea does not only give you a better image, it can help you to drive more leads, more sales and more trust from people no matter in a B2B or B2C business.


It’s not just about design. Our team studies through your brand, product, cultures and harmonizes them into your unique idea. Packaging or gift ideas carries your story, philosophy, love, and taste. All these messages are in a package just for you.

Our experienced branding and design team will love to hear your story and create a superb idea just for you!

Convert Thousand to Millions of People in One Step

Your gift and packaging idea gives a heart-warming feeling to the receivers.

Get ready for your gift & packaging design


Creative Idea

‘Creative’ means to tailor-make your idea that rocks. Our team offers in-depth studies to all relating matters. Put our shoes into your target audience to maximize their satisfaction.

Sourcing & Testing


To free you from risks, we prepare a full set of sampling and testing which can help you produce your perfect looking product.



People love to be differentiated by personality. You will get  personalized suggestions in our extremely detailed production process. That gives an incredible experience to your people.

Deadline Fighter

You may have difficulty on new item completion. We are very used to sorting out tight schedule cases into creative solutions. You will receive our contingent plan to get your things done!

One-stop Production Solution

Your time is valuable. Our team provides an entire production process so that you won’t have to source again and get troubles with how to do it. You can leave all your problems to our solutions.

Flexible Project Management


No matter what you need, our friendly team can provide flexible plans that you must fit in. So you won’t get trouble in management.

Get ready for your gift & packaging design