t’s hard to win the competition just by your product features. In the connecting world, your pioneer product or service can be copied easily. What differentiate you and your competitors are your brand value behind including your story, vision and philosophy.  Brand identity is a set of elements that convert brand value into visuals which can be easily identified by your audience.


With your brand identity created, you will be able to unify your identity including different products, platforms, promotion tools, brand items, etc. Every piece of work representing your brand now has a greater value. This improvement also helps you to gain higher trust from people like customers, staff and stakeholders.


To deliver your brand value to all your audience, first we perform a full study on your brand character. Just like testing your personal character that impresses people's perception. Then we symbolize your brand aesthetically in symbol (e.g. logos) and graphics. Finally we apply this brand-new identity to all your items where people can get in touch with.

This is how people trust your brand

Brands are always defined by people's recognition from the outside to the inside. To connect with, brands have to crystal clear their character and position aesthetically in all touchpoints.


Brand Positioning


Starting from project development, we review your brand from top to bottom, inside to outside, to define your value with a deeper set of analyses and testing. To find the hidden gems of your brand, we also carry out workshops, interviews or other tailor made tools that suit your brand.

Project Flexibility


You may have different needs. We offer a range of flexible projects, from focusing solely on a single product launch to rebranding or even creating a new brand from zero. Our friendly team will always give you the best plan to optimize the value you can get.

Creative Development


We will help you to develop the best creative directions on the visual identity system. We will summarise your identity into a guidebook so you can easily distribute it to your team to follow.

Support and Consultation


During the entire project, we will guide you to move step by step towards the goal. You might also look for a follow-up production solution as a package. Our team will provide you the best advice that is always of your greatest value.

Identity Application

We apply the completed identity to the item with a completely new look as a package. This is amazing to amplify your brand to people with a new look.

Brand Launch / Re-Launch


We are able to create a big branding party (or online campaign) that announces your new identity launch / relaunch. It will be a good chance to promote your brand to your audience.


Create Your Brand Identity Now!

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